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PIZTOLA, established in 2020, draws on long-lasting contemporary currents with the main mission of offering solutions through design. We explore the use of basic geometries and neutral, warm colors, inspired by the essence of the Bauhaus. Timelessness, comfort, meticulous craftsmanship and sustainability are the pillars of each piece of furniture we create. Each piece we design seeks to communicate its own visual and experiential story. We believe in the power of design to elevate the essence of the spaces we occupy, thus contributing to improving the quality of our lives.


In our creative process, we attach great importance to the careful selection of materials, respecting and honoring the natural beauty of each one, as they act as the distinctive common thread of each piece. The brand seeks to focus on a clean, functional and minimalist aesthetic, standing out for its comforting purity and incomparable elegance. Despite this approach, we maintain an unwavering commitment to originality, especially in visual and graphic narrative, with the goal of evoking feelings of everyday life. We pride ourselves on combining artisanal processes with industrial techniques, using solid wood with meticulous attention to detail in every phase of manufacturing. This marriage between artisanal and industrial reflects our dedication to quality and excellence in every piece we create.


We are a young team of architects and industrial designers, united by our passion for solving problems through questioning, research and collaboration. Inspired by our environment, we create timeless pieces of furniture that stand out for their high quality and aesthetics. We strive to exceed standards, fusing timeless elegance with contemporary practicality in every design. Our mission is to create experiences that transform and enrich the everyday environment, with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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